Di Maria’s top performance after returning to Benfica and the situation that turned Ronaldo into a farce

On the day he met Cristiano Ronaldo again, Angel di Maria turned his former teammate into a farce.

Angel di Maria meets Cristiano Ronaldo again in a friendly match between Benfica and Al Nassr.

The two are constantly facing each other on the field. The most remarkable situation took place in the 44th minute when Di Maria correctly judged to win the ball back to Benfica.

The Argentine star controlled the ball skillfully before the closeness of Ronaldo.

Realizing that CR7 was approaching, the 2022 World Cup champion deftly tossed the ball over his former teammate’s head.

Ronaldo experienced a moment of shock when he was passed by Di Maria.

The Portuguese striker immediately turned around and approached rookie Benfica. Ronaldo’s determination to pressure caused Di Maria to fall on the field.

Ronaldo won the ball back but was forced to perform a rather tense action with the former Real Madrid star.

CR7 suddenly turned a joke in the eyes of the fans when Di Maria threw the ball over his head.

Di Maria was the bright star of Benfica before Al Nassr. He personally opened the goal to break the deadlock caused by himself.

Receiving a cross from his teammates, the Argentinian winger calmly dodged his body and passed the attached defender.

Di Maria hit the ball to beat the goalkeeper, thereby marking his own goal in his second return to Benfica.

Benfica destroyed Ronaldo’s team 4-1. This is the second tragic defeat of Ronaldo and the whole team in the summer of 2023.

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