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Animals often struggle to recover from the death of their owner. They are upset and sometimes sink into a form of depression. Rambo , too, was shaken by the disappearance of his master with whom he thought he would end his days. He then revealed a character with particularly touching features .

Careful care of the feline

Love Meow returned to the story of Rambo , and his journey, from the shelter to a foster family. The first step in its treatment consisted of relieving the feline of its various ailments. He suffered from a thyroid problem, and it was the volunteers of Best Friends Felines who provided follow-up veterinary care. Already at the shelter, the cat stood out for his kindness and his particularly increased need for affection.

Illustration of the article: Overcoming a painful episode, a cat thanks its caregivers and becomes a real pot of glue

A host family marked by the cat

Due to his age and rather precarious state of health, Rambo was placed with a foster family. He immediately felt very comfortable in his new home and didn’t fail to show it. As he gradually integrated into the family, his state of health improved, showing that the psychological dimension is an important factor to take into account in a healing phase. As the days went by, the cat gained a few kilos, a prettier coat and new self-confidence.

His family noticed an ideal understanding with humans, but a little more difficulty with the other cat in the family.

Illustration of the article: Overcoming a painful episode, a cat thanks its caregivers and becomes a real pot of glue

“A little angel” every day

Rambo is indeed a cat who is very comfortable with humans. He quickly became known for his improbable cuddling positions: “in a sling  , around his mistress’s neck, or “in a snake”, coiled close to his mistress.

In search of affection, Rambo never misses an opportunity to snuggle up with his humans, who never say no to him. His somewhat unusual “nap breaks” are undoubtedly also a sign of a strong attachment and the desire to create a bond, close to that which was maintained with his first owner.

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