Inside Inter Miami’s Glitzy Championship Party: from ‘Leo Messi and Beckham Premium Champagne’ to exclusive tequila

However, the presence of the Argentine also brought the title of the League Cup, where his interference was fundamentally important. The arrival of Lionel Messi to the Enter Miami produced a lot of enthusiasm and anticipation, but the arrival of the Argentine also provided the title. After the club attained this achievement, which was the first time it had done so in its history, the players and the officials of the club met together to rejoice.

The restaurant Cote was selected as the location because it is considered to be one of the most elite venues in the city. Not only does it provide space for more than ten to one hundred people, but it also offers a selection of different cuts of meat and a wine cellar that contains more than one thousand two hundred variations. It is not a surprise that this establishment has been awarded a Michelin star in recognition of the superior quality of its cuisine.

The opulent restaurant and its owner, Simon Kim, were responsible for the distribution of the images that were published. Mr. Kim did not pass up the opportunity to be pictured alongside the Argentine captain. In addition to the members of the “10,” other notable athletes like as Sergio Busquets, Jordi Alba, Jorge Más, and David Beckham were in attendance.

Both Messi and Beckham were honored with a wonderful present, and it was presented to them. Both the Argentines and the English presented him with customised champagne bottles bearing their respective initials; for example, one bottle bore the letters “LM” and another bore the message “DB.”

Messi has only been in Miami for a short while, but he has already established himself as the dominant figure in both the city and the club. On the field, he immediately shown his usefulness to the team. Will this have been the first of many titles to come in the course of this new adventure?

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