“Lionel Messi Enjoys an Outing with His Wife and Mesmerizes Fans with His Amazing Skills”

Seamless bikini beauties surround Messi

SPAIN The pink balls take photos and videos of superstars Lionel Messi and Fabregas when both players with their wives and children and Luis Suarez’s family are in Formentera.

Messi (black tank top, red pants) and Fabregas (black shirt and green pants) attract attention when appearing on the beach island resort in Spain. Bikini beauties surrounded two famous players, taking pictures and filming with their phones.

Messi also friendly chats with female fans and lets them take pictures.

The PSG striker also happily hugged an elderly fan.

Messi raised his hand to wave to fans while sitting on the float with the Suarez family, Fabregas went to the yacht to continue the holiday.

The captain of the Argentina team, his wife, children and a group of close friends have been roaming the

Mediterranean since last week.

The striker born in 1987 showed off his toned body while his best friend Suarez was taking care of his son. Messi, Suarez and Fabregas are the same age and all have three children.

Daily Mail said that at the end of the holiday, Messi will return to France to reunite with his teammates at PSG to prepare for the new season.

Messi’s wife (rightmost white shirt) dances on the yacht with his wife Suarez (yellow clothes) and his wife Fabregas. The three WAGs are as close as sisters.

The trio of Luis Suarez (pictured), Lionel Messi and Cesc Fabregas have been close friends for 10 years, since all three were teammates at Barcelona. Striker Luis Suarez has just left Atletico Madrid and is said to be preparing to join Argentina’s River Plate club – the hometown of Messi’s best friend.

Midfielder Cecs Fabregas also left Monaco this summer, but has not found a new destination.

On June 24, Messi celebrated the age of 35 with his wife and children and a group of close friends in Ibiza.

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