Lionel Messi shares his views on raising children: Don’t allow cell phones, follow strict rules, and care for each other every day

Recently, the famous soccer player Lionel Messi related some incredible experiences from his childhood and family life.Accompany your kids at all times.During this period, Messi was a doting father to his three charming sons:

Thiago (then 12 years old), Mateo (10 years old), and Ciro (then 5 years old). During the course of the conversation, the athlete who is currently being paid by Inter Miami stated that his children do not yet own cell phones.

Some people believe that Messi does this so that his children can spend more time engaging in active pursuits outside rather than concentrating on hobbies that require them to sit in front of a screen, such as video games or television.

In addition, Messi instills in his children a strong moral foundation and a decent work ethic. “I believe that I am a decent parent. I do my best to instill in my children the same morals and ethics that were ingrained in me when I was a little lad. It is because of those values that I was able to develop into the person that I am today,” Messi disclosed.

Even though he’s a famous athlete with a packed schedule, Messi makes an effort to spend time with his kids whenever he can. The Argentine striker acknowledged in a recent interview that he was the one who was responsible for transporting three of his own children to and from school.

Messi also engages the young angels in conversation on a consistent basis and has a good understanding of their individual personalities.

“The oldest brother, Thiago, was the first one we worked with when we started training. After that, he turned into an example that his two younger siblings could look up to and emulate. On the other hand, the personalities of the children vary greatly.

Thiago is not the most outgoing person and prefers to sit back and take in his surroundings. Mateo, the younger sibling, has a fast tongue and is knowledgeable about everything going on in the world around him. “The youngest brother, Ciro, is more private than the others,” Messi revealed.

It is common knowledge that Lionel Messi signed Thiago and Mateo up to play for the youth team of Inter Miami.

The man who won the World Cup confessed that all of his children like playing football, but he does not place any pressure on them to pursue a career in the sport. Instead, Messi allows the youngsters to make their own decisions about what they would like to do with their lives.

Please convey my appreciation to my wife, Antonela.

During the course of the conversation, Messi was very gracious in his comments about his wife Antonela, who has been by his side ever since the Argentine star was an unknown.

“Antonela is a wonderful and kind mother. I hold a great deal of respect for her. When I had to play away from home for the national team or club, Antonela stayed with the children for the full day while I was gone.

There were times when I was gone from home for a month or a month and a half, and she was the one who was responsible for taking care of everything while I was gone. Messi admitted, “I used to look after my children for an entire day, so I understand how difficult it is.”

In point of fact, Messi’s choice to play football in the United States for Inter Miami rather than in Europe was motivated in part by his desire to be closer to his family. Messi has more time to spend with his loved ones despite the fact that he is forced to step away from the top level of football.

When asked about adding a new member to the family, the striker, who is 36 years old, said that he is hoping to have another baby girl. “At the moment, I haven’t given much attention to the possibility of expanding my family, despite the fact that doing so would make me very happy. I really hope they have another daughter if it’s at all possible,” Messi said further.

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