Lionel Messi’s fan boy holds a sign to apologize to his idol for being named Cristiano by his mother

An 11-year-old fan of player Lionel Messi recently went to the training ground of the Argentina team to look forward to meeting his idol. The boy holding a note of apology is so cute that everyone laughs, and he has even become a “little star” on social networks.

If mentioning any famous player, people usually only think of that player. But if mentioning Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, often mentioning one person will always think of the other.

For many years now, as arranged by fate, Messi and Ronaldo have always competed with each other in many ways. As for the fans, most people will belong to either Team Messi or Team Ronaldo , but few are fans of both.

So a strange thing happened.

For many years now, the names Ronaldo and Messi are often mentioned together. Photo: YouTube.

Recently, a boy went to the training center of the Argentina national team to express his admiration for Messi. In his hand, he held a large sheet of paper “sorry” to the idol. He wrote: ” Messi, forgive my mom, she doesn’t know what she’s doing, she named me Cristiano “.

Yes, the boy fell in love with Messi, not the player he was named after.

A reporter near the training ground saw the boy and took a photo to post it online, causing Cristiano (small) to be shared on many social networking sites about football. Everyone laughed at this incident and praised Cristiano for being cute, as well as commenting that his love for Messi is really great.

Messi’s fan boy holds a paper “sorry” to the idol. Photo: MC.

Since many wanted to know if the boy’s real name was Cristiano, local newspaper Olé confirmed: The boy’s name is true Cristiano, 11 years old, a fan of River Plate club; and it is also true that his mother named her son after Cristiano Ronaldo because she is a CR7 fan. That day, boy Cristiano asked his father to take him to the training center, wanted to see Messi, but unfortunately could not meet.

Anyway, maybe the boy Cristiano is still happy because in the Argentina – Uruguay match in the 2022 World Cup qualifier in South America, Messi scored, helping Argentina win 3-0.

Here is a video of Messi scoring (somewhat fortunately) against Uruguay a few days ago:

Many fans wrote on social networks that they hope that there will be a time when the boy Cristiano will meet his idol and hope that on that day, Cristiano will not be angry with his mother for such a “deed” to Messi.

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