Looking at the life of Lionel Messi in Miami, it turns out that this is the reason for bluntly rejecting the $ 1.9 billion offer of the Arab giants

Since relocating to Miami, it appears that Lionel Messi is about to embark on a prosperous phase of his life.Not only did he achieve the highest scoring form, but his higher standing was also elevated as a result of this.

The former star of the Inter Miami football team is currently making waves in the fashion business.Recently, he stunned audiences with his most recent Patek Philippe Aquanaut chronograph by dazzling them with its features.Prior to that, the name Messi caused a stir when he appeared in a commercial for Louis Vuitton alongside Cristiano Ronaldo.‏

In addition to this, he is frequently seen attending parties and other upscale events alongside David Beckham.Victoria Beckham and Antonela Roccuzzo, who are both married to former football greats, spent some time together over the course of the weekend.‏

Lionel Messi has not only been in great scoring form since moving to Miami; he has scored ten goals in seven games and won the 2023 Leagues Cup since making the switch. His devoted following may attest to the fact that he is effectively utilizing the time he has. Have fun and take advantage of this amazing period in your life.According to CBS News, the football star earns between 50 and 60 million USD per season playing for Inter Miami. Given this information, it is simple to understand why the football player is prepared to spend a significant amount of money on his extravagant pleasures recently.‏

Properties worth a million dollars or more, located in Miami‏

According to the Spanish news source Cadena Ser, Lionel Messi and his family are presently residing in an apartment that he previously purchased for the price of nine million dollars in the Porsche Design Tower in Miami.The car elevator is the most notable amenity of the upscale building because it gives occupants the ability to park their vehicles directly inside their individual rooms.‏

The flat that Messi resides in is outfitted with a series of windows made of clear glass that reach all the way from the ceiling to the floor and provide a breathtaking view of Sunny Isles Beach.In addition to that, rumors have claimed that it has its own movie theater, golf course, and racing simulator.

‏This luxury apartment complex has a car elevator (Image: Getty Images)‏

However, according to The Real Deal, the star is also eyeing a more spacious $30 million mansion in Fort Lauderdale. He was spotted walking around the property with his wife, Antonela Roccuzzo.‏

‏With five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a swimming pool, gym and helipad, located in a private neighborhood, with guards patrolling outside – the new villa will become a private base set up a family of five during their stay in America.‏

‏Photo: Instagram / @leomessi‏

‏Luxury vacations in the Caribbean‏

‏Before signing an official contract with the club, Mess’s family took a vacation to the Caribbean, a place described as a “resort paradise”. Roccuzzo posted several photos of the couple on her Instagram, the moment of them holding hands walking on white sand beaches quickly gained popularity.‏

‏Even though he only appeared briefly, Messi still stood out in green Balmain swimming trunks worth $500 with a cool drink in hand, next to his family’s private swimming pool. In another photo, the 36-year-old superstar can also be seen wearing a pair of Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama sneakers while out for a walk.‏

‏Lionel Messi poses in Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama sneakers with his wife Antonela Roccuzzo during their recent Caribbean vacation. Photo: Louis Vuitton; @leomessi/Instagram‏

‏It can be seen that the luggage for Messi’s trip cannot be complete without products from Louis Vuitton. This is an understandable move after he cooperated with this brand to appear in a series of advertisements starring Cristiano Ronaldo that went viral last November. In that photo, the two are playing a game of chess staged on top of a Louis Vuitton chest. This ad is said to be the “masterpiece” of Antoine Arnault, one of the possible heirs to the LVMH empire, according to WWD.‏

‏Party with the Beckham family‏

‏Since the acquisition of Inter Miami in 2021, David Beckham has wanted to acquire some of the world’s top players to enhance the club’s performance, thereby creating an American team that can compete on the world stage. international School. The decision to sign Messi made that dream come true step by step. This makes the two become more and more close, always appearing together in many events. Both wives also became friends.

In a public photo, Beckham posted a group photo of a dinner with Victoria, Messi, Roccuzzo, Inter Miami player Sergio Busquets and his wife Elena Galera. The legendary star called it “la cena perfecta” (the perfect dinner).‏

‏Photo: Instagram‏

‏Luxury watch collection ‏

At the Inter Miami launch, Messi wore a watch from Patek Philippe’s women’s collection – a rose gold Aquanaut Factory studded with 40 “rainbow” colored sapphires. As reported by NYC’s Hodinkee, this is also the first automatic chronograph in Patek’s women’s line.‏

‏On each different occasion, this star wears different watch models. On an early August flight, he paired his new pink Inter Miami suit with an 18k rose gold Patek Philippe Nautilus.‏

‏Lionel Messi wearing the Patek Philippe Novelty, Nautilus 5712/1R watch in 18K rose gold. Photo: @CrewsMat10/Twitter‏

‏He once again wowed viewers with the Patek Philippe Aquanaut Chronograph reference 5968G on a dark blue rubber strap when he arrived for a match. Later, at Gekkō, he wore another Nautilus – this time an 18k white gold model with a perpetual calendar, worth about $240,000.

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