Neymar revealed that he and Messi went through a ‘hell’ life at PSG

Neymar  has not yet played any official match for  Al Hilal Club  due to injury. He has just returned to Brazil to gather the team to prepare for the 2026 World Cup qualifiers   in South America.

Neymar reveals that he and Messi went through a 'hell' life at PSG - Photo 1.

Neymar (left) and Messi while still playing for PSG


“We lived like hell at PSG, both me and Messi,” Neymar shared in an interview with Globo Esporte (Brazil), talking about his farewell to PSG and his decision to go to Saudi Arabia’s Al Hilal Club. Ut.

“We came to PSG to give our all and become champions, trying to make history. That’s why, Messi and I started playing football together again. We wanted to make history together. “Unfortunately, we couldn’t do that,” Neymar expressed.

“Messi and the Argentina team had a wonderful World Cup. They were in heaven in those days. I was very happy for him. But at PSG, he had to live like hell, so did I. In my opinion, he was unfairly judged in Paris. He had to leave, in terms of football, he was not treated properly,” Neymar added.

Neymar revealed that he and Messi went through a 'hell' life at PSG - Photo 2.

Neymar joined Al Hilal, and Messi went to Inter Miami


Neymar also said that things started to become difficult when he and Messi could not help PSG go far in the Champions League last season. PSG fans turned their backs on them and also created countless similar problems for Kylian Mbappe.

After Messi decided to leave PSG without hesitation to go to Inter Miami, Neymar was also pushed out of the Paris team to go to Saudi Arabia to play for Al Hilal Club. 

“My biggest dream is to return to play for Santos Club, where I started to make a name for myself. I want to return to Santos, but right now I don’t know when. I will definitely return,” Neymar concluded. .


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