Những loại hoa màu đỏ tuyệt vời dễ trồng.


How to grow and care for medinila

Medinilla are native to the Philippines and are evergreen shrubs or climbers with large leathery leaves and remarkable pendulous blooms that can cascade 20cm in length over the side of a pot. This is an extremely rare houseplant and looks highly impressive and glamorous when compared to companion house plants throughout the summer. You should expect to see Medinilla grow to an approximate height of 1-2m (3-6.5’) and a spread of 1m (3’).

How to plant Medinilla
Medinilla are best planted in moist, well-drained soil within an acidic or neutral PH setting. It is recommended that you grow Medinilla in loam based potting compost in a sheltered position with access to full sunlight. The ideal temperature for Medinilla is around 12°C (54°C) and therefore they are best kept indoors.

How to care for Medinilla
Feed your Medinilla once a month with a balanced liquid fertiliser as this will encourage healthy, strong and prominent blooms. Water regularly throughout active growth, decreasing the volume required during the winter. After flowering, remove spent flowers to encourage a second flush of blooms. Transplant Medinilla to a cool environment to facilitate bud formation – when this occurs it can be returned to normal room temperature.

How to propagate Medinilla
It is possible to propagate Medinilla by seed, softwood cuttings during the spring or semi-ripe cuttings during the summer time.

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