No rain on their parade! Inter Miami fans party in the stadium as they wait after an hour and a half of rain to witness ‘GOAT’ Lionel Messi performance against Orlando City

Lionel Messi’s third game with Inter Miami is being delayed at the start because of thunderstorms in the area, but that won’t stop fans from partying the night away.

The round of 32 Leagues Cup match on Wednesday night between Inter Miami and Orlando City was scheduled to start at 8 p.m E.T., but kick-off will now be at 9.35 p.m.

Messi and his Inter Miami teammates appeared on the DRV PNK Stadium field for warm-ups 45 minutes before the then-scheduled start and received a warm round of applause from supporters.

The heavy rains began approximately 20 minutes later.

Some fans have already experienced precipitations trying to interfere with Messi’s arrival in Florida last month, when club officials were forced to delay an unveiling ceremony for the 2022 World Cup winner by two hours.

Fans react while under cover during a severe weather delay prior Miami’s League Cup match

A fan even brought her own trumpet to the stadium as supporters partied under the bleachers

A Inter Miami fan brought a drumroll to DRV PNK Stadium to cheer the Herons on in the rain

Members of the grounds crew clear water from the pitch following heavy rain in the Miami area

Some fans stood by one of the stadium’s access points to the pitch in hopes of seeing Messi

A few Inter Miami fans who are part of the Southern Legion brought their drums to the venue

Messi has not dealt with inclement weather in his first two Leagues Cup matches since joining the MLS club.

He scored the game-winning goal against Cruz Azul and added two goals in a victory over Atlanta United.

And now, Inter Miami fans are blowing their trumpets and waving their banners from below the bleachers of DRV PNK Stadium as they stay dry and hope to see what will hopefully be another magical performance from the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner on Wednesday night.

Donning Miami’s pink, white and black colors, other fans have been spotted carrying drums with a logo of a gladiator and ‘Southern Legion’ emblazoned on them, as they valiantly send out a message that nothing will stop them from watching Messi live in action, not even bad weather.

A fan wearing a goat mask in honor of Inter Miami forward Lionel Messi waits in the torrid rain

Shirtless fans in the buildup to Wednesday’s Round of 32 League Cup match were in full voice

Some fans started dancing on top of counters near the area for refreshments during the delay

An Inter Miami fan shields himself from the rain while awaiting for kick-off on Wednesday night

David Beckham gave the sons of Lionel Messi high fives while waiting for the match to start

Others were also seen wearing clear plastic ponchos as they eagerly wait for Miami’s Argentine captain and other players in the team’s starting XI to lineup in the tunnel prior to kick-off.

Some fans were even shirtless and standing on platforms while under cover from the stadium’s seats.

Others chose to stay in the rain with one particular fan even wearing a mask of a goat’s head to welcome Messi. ‘GOAT’ in sports terms means the ‘greatest of all time.’

What’s more is that Inter Miami owner David Beckham took in some of the rain in full stride while wearing a pink and navy blue suit and dishing out high-fives from within the stands.

Workers were later seen sweeping up water overflowing the stadium’s pitch due to the heavy rain, which is expected to stop right around when tonight’s match starts.

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