Pep Guardiola, 52, Shows Off Beach Relaxation in Tanned and Toned Glory in Barbados

Pep Guardiola, the manager of Manchester City, flaunts his football gear on a Barbados beach.

The 51-year-old Blues manager Pep was toned and tanned as he stepped onto the island’s renowned white sands.

Before Man City began preparing for the new season, Pep was clearly having a good time. Source: BackGrid

While on vacation with his wife Cristina Serra, 49, and their children, Pep had a blast in the Caribbean surf.

He sported a pair of neon yellow shorts and lounged on a pink blanket while getting physical with Cristina, who had returned to Barcelona from Manchester in 2019.

Pep is well known for his love of fancy footwork, but the observer noted that he appeared uneasy as he made his way towards the waves along the beach.

“He dipped his toe in, but didn’t seem too keen on going in too deep so wandered back to his sun lounger to chill out and admire the view.”

Pep is enjoying some last-minute relaxation as he gets ready to go back to work, and his Manchester City team is anticipating defending their Premier League title.

On Sunday, August 7, City will travel to London for the final game of opening weekend before facing West Ham to begin the new season.






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