Scarlett Johansson reacts to viral video of woman completely disappearing behind her

Actor Scarlett Johansson has finally addressed one of the most iconic viral clips from the early 2000s.
If you need a refresher on your early internet history, I’ll break the clip down.
The bizarre 2006 video saw the then 22-year-old actor attending the Golden Globes and speaking to the press. All seems typical enough, right?
During a brief interview on the red carpet, she tells the interviewer she’s wearing Valentino and that her highlight of the evening was Philip Seymour Hoffman winning Best Actor for his role in the film Capote.

All still sounds pretty normal, right? Well, this isn’t what caused the clip to go viral.
It was more that while Johansson was answering questions a woman appears to simply vanish from the scene after walking behind the star.
This sparked all manner of theories on social media from the comedic to the supernatural.
Johansson has finally addressed the clip while speaking to Jimmy Fallon on his late-night talk show last week Friday (November 17).

The now 38-year-old played into the mystery behind the moment and even revealed the idenтιтy of the woman who seemingly disappeared.
“Oh my God, that is my mom,” Johansson said after watching the clip.
“That is my mom, that woman with the dark hair, is my mother,” she said much to the amusement of the crowd.
“I have been looking for her for the last 15 years, that is very strange, that is fully my mom.”

Fallon burst out laughing and praised the actor for playing along.
While you might still be concerned that Johansson is simply playing down her mother’s teleporting abilities, internet sleuths have come up with convincing explanations for what happened.
Internet sleuths have come up with convincing explanations for what happened. Credit: NBC/
Among the commenters believing the mystery is some sort of paranormal occurrence, one person shared the video from another angle, ultimately shooting down these theories.

It’s clear to see that Johansson’s mom was hidden by the other red carpet dweller as she moved past the actor, giving the illusion that she vanished into thin air.
“She’s behind her. Look at the opening between her left arm and her body,” another keen-eyed viewer wrote.
“You can see the woman fills that void. Scarlett just perfectly blocks her. That’s why the next guy has to go around and not along the wall.”
Sorry to disappoint those wishing the Hollywood elite are simply hiding teleportation tech from the general public.

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