Scarlett Johansson Reports The Weather With Al Roker In Hilarious ‘Today’ Show Tradition

Scarlett Johansson sees sunny skies ahead for her and Al Roker’s “Today” show tradition!

The actress, 38, joined the iconic weatherman on Nov. 13 to once again put her own twist on the nationwide weather report. “That’s why I come here.

I come to do the weather,” she teased, adding, “This weather you guys is cray cray!” Al even shared with Scarlett what the weather is like in cities all around the country that share a name with the “Black Widow” star, which include Scarlet, Ind. and Scarlet, Ga.

This isn’t the first time Scarlett has helped the meteorologist on air. She brought her sense of humor to Al’s broadcast back in 2023 and he also put the Oscar nominee in the H๏τ seat the previous year, challenging Scarlett to explain the weather to “Today” viewers.

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