Selena Gomez flaunts her fabulous figure in a form-fitting gray tank top and flared denim pants following her classy comeback to an Instagram user criticizing her body shape

Selena Gomez has been receiving a lot of attention about her appearance lately, as one Instagram user even went as far as criticizing her eating habits. However, Gomez remains unfazed by the negativity and continued to exude her carefree attitude as she flaunted a stylish and relaxed look on a Saturday in New York City. Despite the scrutiny, the 22-year-old confidently embraced the sunshine by opting for a form-fitting grey vest and pairing it with trendy flared jeans. Watch the video below to see her stunning ensemble.

Casual chic: Selena Gomez stepped out in New York on Saturday in flared jeans and a tight grey vest top

Selena Gomez was spotted in a fashionable and relaxed outfit as she strolled around New York City over the weekend. The singer flaunted her figure in a tight grey vest top that she skillfully tucked into a pair of stylish flared jeans. Embracing the retro vibes, Selena completed her look with trendy mirrored sunglasses and elegantly tied her long, dark hair into a loose updo. Despite her confident appearance, Selena recently had to defend herself against negative comments about her appearance on Instagram. Addressing the critic’s unnecessary remarks about her eating habits and exercise routine, the singer made it clear that she is unconcerned about such opinions. The social media exchange, however, has since been deleted.


Curves in all the right places: The 22-year-old singer looked stunning in her casual look as she made the most of the city sunshine

Perfectly positioned curves: the 22-year-old songstress looked absolutely stunning in her laid-back ensemble as she basked in the glorious city sunshine. Disregarding the opinions of critics, she boldly declared, ‘I’m fully immersed in this industry, and quite frankly, I couldn’t care less about what ‘they’ or you think I should look like.’ She further emphasized, ‘I have no need to conform to anyone’s standards except my own. My focus is on self-love, nurturing my craft, and being there for my dedicated fans, cherished family, and close friends. And yes, I do exercise regularly. But it’s not for you to pass judgment or dictate what others should or shouldn’t do.’ At present, there is no official confirmation from Selena’s representatives to substantiate her participation in the confrontation with her Instagram detractor. Later that Saturday, Selena and her close friend Vanessa Hudgens shared a delightful late-night meal in the vibrant East Village of New York City. This joyful meetup took place after Vanessa’s triumphant performance in the esteemed Broadway production, Gigi.

Best friends forever: Selena Gomez, left, turned up to see her pal Vanessa Hudgens in Gigi at the Neil Simon Theatre on Broadway on Saturday evening 


Unbreakable friendship: Selena surprised her dear friend Vanessa Hudgens by attending the mesmerizing performance of Gigi at the legendary Neil Simon Theatre on Broadway on a delightful Saturday evening.

The vocalist arrived ahead of schedule to support her friend’s act as the aspiring French courtesan at the Neil Simon Theatre. Later, they discreetly left the venue with the assistance of a security escort. Vanessa, aged 26, maintained her biker chic attire from her initial theater arrival, consisting of a denim jacket layered under a leather one, a striped T-shirt, form-fitting black pants, and black footwear. Selena also opted for a black ensemble, combining a mini dress with suede boots that extended over her knees. To stay cozy, she added a gray shawl-inspired cardigan.

They've got the munchies: After the performance, the friends slipped out for a late-night dinner together

They’re experiencing an intense hunger: Following the show, the buddies discreetly left for a nocturnal meal as a group.

Well looked after: Vanessa, 26, lead the way as Selena, 22, followed behind chaperoned by a bodyguard

Vanessa, aged 26, led the way with Selena, aged 22, following closely behind and accompanied by a bodyguard. Both actresses had their dark hair tied up in buns and wore full makeup, with Vanessa choosing to add a pop of color to her look with vibrant red lips, while Selena opted for a more understated pink shade. The two became close friends after starring together in the 2013 film, Spring Breakers. Selena’s presence in New York dismissed any speculations of her possibly joining her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Justin Bieber, to witness the historic Mayweather Jr V Manny Pacquiao Fight of the Century in Las Vegas.

In demand: The raven-haired beauty has recently wrapped two high-profile movies: In Dubious Battle with James Franco and The Revised Fundamentals Of Caregiving with Paul Rudd

Currently in demand, the stunning brunette beauty, Vanessa, has just completed filming for two highly anticipated movies: “In Dubious Battle” alongside James Franco and “The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving” alongside Paul Rudd. Despite her busy schedule, Vanessa is expected to return to work for a Sunday afternoon matinee. She has also begun previews for her role in the musical “Gigi” on March 19th, with the grand opening night set for April 8th. Although the theatre’s schedule indicates that the show will run until October 4th, it remains uncertain whether Vanessa will continue her involvement for the entire duration. On a similar note, Selena has also recently finished filming for two prominent movies: “In Dubious Battle” alongside James Franco and “The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving” alongside Paul Rudd.

Stage star: Vanessa, who was due back to work for a Sunday afternoon matinee, started previews for Gigi on March 19, with opening night on April 8

The famous actress, Vanessa, who had a Sunday afternoon matinee to return to for her stage performance, began her previews for the play Gigi on March 19. The much-awaited opening night of the play was scheduled for April 8.

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