Selena Gomez showcases flawless tanned legs in daring pajama-inspired look, stunning attendees at The Dead Don’t Die after-party.

Earlier today, Selena Gomez took a bold step by removing the last image of her former beau, Justin Bieber, from her Instagram account. The songstress, who recently made a successful comeback to the silver screen starring in “The Dead Don’t Die,” celebrated her triumph by attending the lively after-party in the heart of New York City. Evidently, Selena Gomez is embracing her newfound freedom and enjoying herself to the fullest.

Leggy display: Selena Gomez was letting her hair down after making her triumphant return to the big screen on Monday.

Selena Gomez celebrated her successful return to the silver screen by showing off her long legs in a stylish outfit. The multi-talented performer opted for a flirty velour playsuit with a touch of white embellishment. With her tan glowing, she exuded confidence as she paired the ensemble with sleek black heels, adding a touch of glamour to her overall look.


New outfit: The 26-year-old stepped out to the after-party following the premiere her latest movie The Dead Don't Die in New York City

Fresh Look: The 26-year-old actress graced the after-party in New York City following the premiere of her latest movie, The Dead Don’t Die. It’s been a while since she last appeared in a live-action film back in 2016, making her comeback all the more special. Prior to the premiere at the Museum of Modern Art, she stunned in a black dress, but later decided to switch things up.

Opting for a more daring look, she confidently stepped out in a low-cut off-the-shoulder dress that accentuated her cleavage. The dress, adorned with dark frills, not only showcased her enviable figure but also highlighted her toned legs, revealing her innate beauty and style.


She showcased her tanned limbs and vamped it up in black heels

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The beauty wore her dark waves in a loose semi-updo and looked pretty as ever with a smokey eye and nude lip

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Enjoy the view: The singer and actress showcased her long legs in a skimpy velour playsuit with white detailing. The playsuit was made even more eye-catching with the addition of pom-poms made of glossy black feathers on her upper arms. She completed her look with dangling diamond earrings, several rings, and high-heeled black open-toe shoes. In other news, Selena recently caught the attention of fans when she deleted the last picture she had of her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber from her Instagram account.

Night out! She arrived with other guests on a luxury bus

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A fun-filled evening! She joined the company of fellow guests on a lavish bus.

Changed: The star - who hasn't appeared on screen in a live-action film since 2016 - swapped from her showstopping black dress earlier in the night

Rephrased: The actress, who hasn’t made an on-screen appearance in a live-action movie since 2016, traded her stunning black gown for another outfit earlier in the evening.

Stepping out: She chose a cute and comfortable velour number which flaunted her toned legs

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In a recent photo, Selena Gomez was seen wearing a cute and comfortable velour outfit that showcased her well-toned legs. The picture was taken on her ex-boyfriend’s birthday last March, which marked the rekindling of their relationship after getting back together in October 2017. Selena can be seen laughing in the photo while pointing to a Polaroid picture of Bieber on her forehead.

On Instagram, she captioned the photo with the words, “March 1, 1994 someone I know that happens to be super cool was born. Boom.” However, their relationship ended for good shortly after this post, and Bieber went on to rekindle his romance with his now wife, Hailey Baldwin. Interestingly, Selena still has pictures of her and her other ex, The Weeknd, on her social media, despite their relationship ending after 10 months in 2017.

In other news, Selena Gomez will be starring as Zoe in Jim Jarmusch’s upcoming star-studded zombie comedy film, The Dead Don’t Die. The movie is set to release in US theaters next Friday and in UK theaters on July 12. Furthermore, Selena was recently seen rocking a polka dot outfit at a Hollywood Reporter event.

First dress: She was wearing this low cut outfit earlier at the premiere

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