SUPER COPY: Meet clone Jack Grealish’s replica, who regularly accepts offers took a job as Man City star’s body-double for TV advert

A MAN constantly mistaken for Jack Grealish took a job as his body double when the football star was too busy.


Liam Wilson, 26, was asked if he could help film parts of an advert featuring the England footballer.

Liam Wilson worked on a shoot with Jack Grealish

The 26-year-old regularly gets mistaken for the Man City star


The fitness coach from Norwich, Norfolk, took the opportunity and got to meet the star on set and reckons they “got on well”.

He claims to have filmed alongside the Manchester City star for a Bose advert.

And when you watch the commercial, it’s not clear who is the real Jack.


Liam, now living in Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai, said: “I was pretty much used as Jack’s body double.

“Anything he couldn’t do because of his busy schedule – I’d step in and do it. It was crazy.”

Liam and Grealish were initially compared during England’s participation at Euro 2020.

Even though he continues to receive numerous requests for images, he believes that when servers mistake him for his footballer resemblance, they treat him better.

Liam said: “I’ve always had my hair similar to how Jack has his hair. I quite enjoy it.

Liam worked with Grealish on a Bose advert

He regularly gets stopped and asked for photos 

“People in restaurants seem to be nicer to me when they think I’m him.

“I never tried to look like him.

“If I can put a smile on someone’s face then that’s great.”

When Liam got asked to stand in for Grealish for the Bose shoot – he couldn’t turn down the opportunity.

He said: “They were looking for someone that could play the part of Jack in case he wasn’t there for the shoot.

“Footballers have busy schedules.”

The pair filmed together for a day in Manchester in August 2023.

Liam said: “You get a glimpse into how footballers get looked after. There was a lot of people walking around.

“I had the same outfits on. It was a bit funny. I had manifested bumping into him.”

Liam said he hit it off with Jack and has invited him for a drink if he is ever in Dubai.

He said: “I asked if he’d seen me and he had. He is a proper humble guy. We got on well.

“I said to Jack this is a bit stupid – but he said if you can make a bit of money from it to do it.

“He was encouraging.”

Since the advert has been released – even Liam can’t tell himself and Jack apart, admitting: “You can’t tell the difference.”

Liam still gets photo requests in Dubai but doesn’t always see the resemblance himself.

He said: “I don’t see the resemblance myself really but in some photos and angles I can see the similarities.

“I’m always asked for photos and I just find it funny and like to play along with it.

“But I don’t brag about it. It’s just one of those things.”

Liam worked as Grealish’s body double

The fitness coach from Norfolk lives in Dubai


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