‘The ugliest statue in the world’ – Fans mock the statues of captain Lionel Meѕѕi, coach Scaloni and goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez in their home country of Argentina

The Argentine artist who carved a “tatue” of Lionel Messi, Scaloni, and Emiliano Martinez in the artist’s hometown was subjected to widespread ridicule by the country’s soccer fans.

According to Argentina’s Canal26, the governor of Entre Rios state, Mr. Etchehere, erected statues of three key members of the Argentina team that made history by winning the 2022 World Cup. These statues are located in the park of the city.

The Argentine online community makes fun of statues of Mei, Martinez, and Lionel Scaloni, who are all former national soccer team players and coaches (Image: Twitter).

As a result, Lionel Messi, Emiliano Martinez, and Lionel Scaloni, Argentina’s coach, are the ones who will have their likenesses carved into the trophy, given that the three were instrumental in Argentina’s victory in Qatar the previous year.

The statue of Mei quickly rose to the top of the list of most-discussed topics among members of the online community (Image: Twitter).

The appearance of the three “tatue” quickly became the subject of criticism on social media, with many fans condemning the artist for making the “tatue” too far from the real-life depiction of the characters.

The face of the tatue of goalkeeper Martinez, according to the opinions of many fans, resembles Mr. Bean, a character from the British comedy series Mr. Bean. A great number of people are of the opinion that Mei and the rest of the members are being insulted by the shape and appearance of the three tattoos.

A humorous follower left the following comment: “Who is the artist, please let me come and be a teacher.””Mei, Martinez is a soccer player, not a comedian,” said another person. “Mei, Martinez is not a comedian.”

The statue of Mei that is housed in Barcelona’s museum has been the subject of ridicule (Image: Twitter).

Not just in Argentina, but also in The Wax Museum of Barcelona, Spain, another statue of Mei has also been the subject of mockery and derision from members of the online community since the statue looks too much like… It was Aaron Ramey.

Even the wax figure of Lionel Messi that is on display at The Wax Museum is often judged against the statue of Cristiano Ronaldo so that fans may determine which one is more accurate. I am working.

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