Tom Cruise breaks up with his partner after her ex-husband warned him that she “had expensive and luxurious tastes”

A few months ago, Tom Cruise began a relationship with Elsina Khayrova. The young Russian woman is dedicated to the world of modeling, aesthetics and image and had previously been married to a Russian tycoon, Dmitry Tsvetkov.

He had already ‘warned’ the actor in the past about the tastes of his ex-wife and mother of two children: “You have to be aware that Elsina likes the good things in life and has expensive tastes”.

Moreover, he did not hesitate to advise him to keep “his eyes wide open and also, his wallet.” Tsvetkov went so far as to claim that “in 11 years of marriage, Khayrova spent more than 10 million euros on clothes and handbags”.

With the passage of time, it seems that these words have taken their toll on Cruise who ended up making the decision to end his relationship with the Russian model. The media outlet Pagesix now claims that the reason was to avoid problems with her ex-husband.

Tom Cruise does not want distractions in his work

A person of the actor’s trusted team has assured the aforementioned media that the reasons for his breakup had little to do with his understanding with Khayrova and more to do with the whole context surrounding the couple after the words of her ex-husband.

Cruise is filming and he can’t be shooting a movie and have her ex-husband say things every time he’s mentioned in the press,” explains a source close to the man who plays Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible.

In his next statement he is even more direct and makes clear what has been the main reason for his breakup with the Russian model.

“They just didn’t want to deal with the ex-husband saying something nasty every few weeks,” he says.

Cruise only has eyes for acting and that’s the only way he has managed to stay on top for so many years.

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