Tom Cruise is dating his co-star who is 20 years younger than him?

 After intimate images captured by paparazzi on set, Tom Cruise is said to be dating co-star Hayley Atwell.

According to the latest news on The Sun, Tom Cruise is secretly dating actress Hayley Atwell. The couple was recently caught by paparazzi while holding hands on set. Hayley Atwell was chosen by Tom Cruise as the female lead in the latest installment of the popular spy series. It is known that the two have a 20 year age difference and fell in love while filming the movie “Mission: Impossible 7” in England and Italy.

“Tom Cruise and Hayley Atwell work together very well. Experiencing difficulties together during filming brought them closer, and now the two are inseparable. Hayley went to Tom’s restaurant to see him for hours. They seemed very happy,” the source revealed.

Tom Cruise has been single since 2012 until now after divorcing actress Katie Holmes. The actor has been entangled in many love rumors. Most recently, he was said to have had an affair with Laura Prepon and then actress Elizabeth Moss. However, he did not speak up about any rumors.


Hayley Atwell was born in 1982. She is famous for her role as the lover of Captain America (played by Chris Evans) in the three “Captain America” ​​movies and the last two parts of “Avengers”./.

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