Upon reaching France’s national football centre, the newly appointed captain of the French squad demonstrated his status as a prominent figure by proudly displaying his sponsors’ logos on his entire outfit

If you saw a photograph depicting a French football player arriving at Clairefontaine to humbly commence preparations for the Euro 2024 qualification campaign, your interpretation would be incorrect. Regardless, you would fail to grasp the essence. Here, you can observe a star doing his function in contemporary football flawlessly. That morning, the new captain of the French squad utilised the attention around his arrival at the national football centre to enhance his public image. Like his teammates, he meticulously attended to his appearance, strategically showcasing several brands.


Kylian Mbappé was dripping in sponsorships. Does anyone care?


Dubious sunglasses



How could you overlook these highly conspicuous sunglasses, which are as noticeable as the nose in the centre of his face? On that morning, amidst the gloom of Paris, Kylian Mbappé stood out as the sole player donning them. For what reason? Did the existence of these glasses result in a sudden surge of self-importance? Did they conceal a brief period of darkness? Or did they fall under the purview of the contractual agreement that obligates the athlete to a renowned eyewear manufacturer? Among the three ideas, this final one is likely the most plausible and disheartening.

Photo : L'attaquant français Kylian Mbappé arrive pour l'entraînement de  l'équipe de France de football pour le match de qualification à l'Euro 2024  contre les Pays-Bas au centre de formation et centre




Further information Kim Kardashian was present at the Parc des Princes stadium. Is anyone concerned?

Mbappé : un business colossal à plus de 100 millions d'euros par an


Source of gold


Likewise, we cannot help but ponder upon another inquiry: Does Mbappé flex his left arm in this manner coincidentally? Is he experiencing pain associated with tennis elbow? Alternatively, is he aiming to flaunt the rose gold timepiece crafted by another one of his endorsers? The decision is left to your discretion. It is worth noting that rose gold, which is a combination of yellow gold, copper, and silver, was initially employed by the Russian jeweller Carl Fabergé in the late 19th century to create his renowned eggs.


Alliance focused on dribbling skills


Mbappé also arrived donning a pair of trainers crafted by the equipment maker that holds great significance to him, both emotionally and financially. The Blazer is a prominent design in Nike’s history. Introduced in 1972, this was the inaugural basketball shoe by the American brand. Its name, “Trail Blazers,” clearly indicates its association with the Portland NBA team, rather than suggesting that it should be worn with a blazer, in case there was any uncertainty.

Kylian Mbappe ghi điểm phong cách thời trang năng động, giản đơn mà tinh tế


Merchant navy refers to the commercial fleet of ships that are used for transporting goods and passengers across international waters.


It is worth mentioning that on that particular day, Mbappé deliberately opted for a very regular attire, comprising of a turtleneck sweater, straight jeans and a two-button overcoat, all in a flawless navy blue colour. This enables us to establish two theories. One may argue that this ensemble was specifically created to accentuate the sponsors’ accessories. One could be more positive by acknowledging that this outfit has managed to avoid entering into a business agreement. If there is uncertainty, we defer the decision-making to you.

X PSG Report على X: Kylian Mbappé Arriving At The ??X PSG Report على X: Kylian Mbappé Arriving At The ??

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