Viral Video: Kendall Jenner’s Glance at LeBron James Captivates Attention

While you were busy watching the Grammys/BAFTAs/NYFW or collecting every receipt in the great Brad-Jen birthday party meet-up of ’19, Kendall Jenner was sittin’ courtside at basketball bae Ben Simmons’s game against the L.A. Lakers (i.e. LeBron James’s team).

Clad in an oatmeal-hued turtleneck and army green pants, Jenner looked right at home spectating on the sidelines — in fact, she looked positively giddy. At some point in the game, the 23-year-old model gazed dreamily in James’s direction, and the internet (and probably Simmons, too) took note.

Fans noticed that Simmons, who’s been playing for the Philadelphia 76ers since 2016, began fully showing off while the game was underway, which some attributed to the aforementioned ~ look ~. He began shooting (and missing, but “A” for effort) 3-pointers, which apparently isn’t really his style.


And while the 76ers did ultimately beat the Lakers, the theory that Jenner’s presence affected gameplay isn’t totally outlandish. So … maybe that petition to keep Jenner from the court isn’t such a bad idea after all?

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